Brisbane Airport is the main airport in Brisbane and South East Queensland. Brisbane Airport is easy to navigate because it has only two terminals: Domestic and International. These terminals are connected to each other by AirTrain and both of them are equipped with great airport facilities. So, if you have a long layover in Brisbane Airport, you won’t have a reason to be bored. You can even find showers, salons, and a spa at the airport.

Brisbane Airport Parking

Brisbane Airport ParkShort

ParkShort or short-term parking is the best option for those who need to drop off or pick up family members or friends. Brisbane short-term parking is located right behind the terminals and is operating 24/7. It’s only 2-5 minutes walk to both domestic and international terminals. You can park your car for 4 hours or less and if you book online at least 1 hour in advance to arrival, you will only pay 5$ per hour.

Brisbane Airport ParkLong

Brisbane Airport long-term parking also called as ParkLong a few steps away from Terminals. At the Domestic terminal, it is located on Levels 5-9 of P1, and at International Terminal, you can find ParkLong on Levels 2-4 and the outdoor area. Brisbane long-term parking is secured with 24 hours CCTV, so you can leave your car in safe conditions and go to your journey without worrying.

Brisbane Airport Arrivals and Departures

You can check Brisbane Airport Arrivals and Brisbane Airport Departures online very easily. You’ll just need the following flight details: departing and arriving airport, flight date and time, flight number, and the airline. After you fill in this information, you will track the flight you are interested in.

 Brisbane Airport to City

There are different options to get from Brisbane Airport to the city:

Brisbane Airport to City By Bus

Con-x-ion shuttle bus is one of the convenient ways to leave Brisbane Airport. Con-x-ion bus service is available from both Domestic and International terminals and goes “door to door” to a lot of locations around Brisbane. You can buy tickets online or at the sale kiosks on both terminals.

Brisbane Airport to City By Train 

The faster way to get from Brisbane Airport to the city is Airtrain which takes only 20 minutes drive. The train departs every 15 minutes from both domestic and international terminals and operates from early morning until 10 PM. You can buy tickets at Airtrain desks or at the Airtrain stations. The cost of the ticket is AUD$12.50, but it’s free for the passengers with Virgin Australia boarding passes.

Brisbane Airport to City By Taxi

The most comfortable way to get to the city from Brisbane Airport is a taxi. There are two taxi companies at the airport: Black & White Cabs; Yellow Cabs.

They are available 24/7 from both domestic and international terminals and takes only 20 minutes to get to the city centre. The cost for a taxi is around $45-55 one way.

Airport Information

Airport Code: BNE

Brisbane Airport address:  Airport Dr, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008, Australia

Brisbane Airport contact number: +61 7 3406 3000

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Cheap flights to Brisbane

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