Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is:

Your safety and privacy are guaranteed and ensured with us. We take your confidentiality very seriously and are fully committed to secure personal information you give us. 

 What Information Do We Collect About You?

Personal Data – Personal Data from your passport or identity card isn’t collected by us, because you fill in all the information on the purchasing website, not with us. 

IP Address – IP Address is an Internet Protocol which identifies every device using internet. We only use IP Addresses for improvement and optimizing purposes. For example: to calculate usage levels, figure out server problems. We may also obtain you location from IP Address.

Your Location – We may use location of your device to provide you with services and advertising. But allowing us to access your location is up to you. You can deny to share your location.

Cookies – Cookie is a small piece of information and data that is sent from the websites you use to your computer. We may use these cookies to obtain some information about you: what type of browser do you use, how much time you spent on our website, what pages you visited, what actions did you take and etc.