The capital city of the Australian state of Victoria, Melbourne is the most lively and vibrant city in the country. Melbourne is known for its music, art, museums and has a very rich culture. The city hosts a ton of cultural events and festivals during the year, so there is always something going on in this city to have fun.

For coffee lovers, Melbourne is heaven. There are trendy cafes around every corner and you hardly see someone not holding a coffee cup in their hands. Coffee culture is really on a high level in this city. Melbourne really has a lot to offer to visitors from the activities to sightseeing. So, visiting Melbourne will be one of the best travel experience for everyone.

 Things to do and see in Melbourne

Explore the street art

As you walk through the Melbourne laneways, you will notice an amazing street art almost everywhere. Melbourne is widely known for very talented artists and people come from all over the world to see legendary artwork throughout the city. If you want to see the masterpieces of street art, visit Hosier Lane.

Visit the National Gallery of Victoria

If you want to explore more art and culture, then you should visit the National Gallery of Victoria which is the oldest gallery in Australia. You will find out approximately 70,000 amazing artworks here including Aboriginal works and get to know their culture closer.

Visit Royal Botanic Gardens

As you feel you need some quiet time, head to the Royal Botanic Gardens. You can see more than 8500 species of plants here and have a picnic by the lake. In the summertime, you can attend live theaters and cinemas held every evening under the stars.

Discover a sport culture

Melbourne is a sports capital of Australia and it has one of the world’s greatest stadiums and sport events. Cricket, tennis, soccer, rugby, and horse race are very popular sports activities in Melbourne. Melbourne Cricket Ground is one of the top attractions in this city, so if you are a sports lover, MCG should be in your “must-see’ list.

Questions & Answers

When is the best time to visit Melbourne?

If you are focused on the weather, the best time to visit Melbourne is Spring(September to November) and Autumn(March to May). The weather is most pleasant during these months and you can explore the whole city on foot.

To save money, you should visit Melbourne from June to August. This is the off-season because of cold weather, so prices drop on flights and hotels.

For nightlife and crazy events, visit Melbourne during the summertime, from December to March.

Which airlines fly to Melbourne?

Qantas Airways, Virgin Australia, Tigerair and Jetstar are the airlines that fly direct to Melbourne from Australian cities. You can book the cheapest air tickets on Jetstar flights.

How many airports are in Melbourne?

There are three airports in Melbourne – Melbourne International Airport also known as Tullamarine Airport, Avalon Airport, and Essendon Airport.

How to book cheap flights to Melbourne?

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