During the school holidays, Air New Zealand achieved a record number of passengers flying throughout the country. Air New Zealand decided to expand the capacity of domestic travel since Australia closed the borders back down. However, no one expected the record of passengers Air New Zealand hit.

The fact, that domestic travel is thriving in New Zealand, became more evident after Queenstown ski resorts hit the highest number of visitors in years. That’s why Air New Zealand plans to increase flights between Auckland and Queenstown. The demand is even higher than it was in 2019.

The business’ marketing general manager Jeremy O’Brien pointed out how lucky New Zealanders are to have the opportunity to travel and enjoy their world-class ski resorts. “We’re extremely lucky in New Zealand that we can fly to either Taupo, Christchurch or Queenstown and be so close to an epic adventure at one of our world-class ski fields.

He also talked about new challenges to increase domestic travel. “The challenge now is to encourage Kiwis to continue to travel domestically, outside of the peak holiday period.”

O’Brien also announced that they are planning to promote Christchurch and Queenstown online.