According to Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, the border closure will extend on Saturday morning to cover all NSW and ACT. This decision comes after border closure to Greater Sydney that Queensland did last week. Also, the infection rates in Victoria made the states to ensure their residents from whats happening in Victoria.

“We’ve seen that Victoria is not getting better and we’re not going to wait for NSW to get worse,” said Premier Palaszczuk. “We cannot risk a second wave, we have to act decisively.”

Palaszczuk also stated that they took advice from Chief Health Officer Dr. Jeannette Young to take these restrictions.

From 1 am on August 8, the residents will be able to return to Queensland. However, they will have to quarantine for 14 days at the government’s expense.

Herewith, according to NSW, all citizens can get back to home from Queensland. However, they have to take on 14 days of hotel quarantine at their own cost. As NSW Premier stated, the returning of citizens from Victoria will be largely restricted, especially for those with special exemptions, like attending a funeral.

“If you seek an exemption to attend the funeral of a direct family member, we can’t have you in quarantine for two weeks because you won’t be able to attend the funeral,” she said.