Tasmania decided to put off the opening of its border until the 31 of August 2020. Tasmanian Premier, Peter Gutwein, said that despite the coronavirus-free situation, the state still can’t take a risk to open the borders.

“We only have to look across the Bass Strait, it is concerning and it is alarming and Tasmanians are thinking of them.

“All Tasmanians have been asked to make sacrifices, we do whatever we can to keep in front of this.”

What About New Zealand, the country will retain borders closed from Australian travellers to keep New Zealanders safe. They made this decision due to the coronavirus situation in Victoria and NSW. It seems, that the country isn’t ready to welcome Australians yet. The border closure provides New Zealand to have its own situation under control and avoid any worsening in the country.

“One of the things we said as part of our criteria was that anywhere we have quarantine-free travel, they have to be free of community transmission for a period of time, 28 days”, said Ardern.

“That is going to take a long time for Australia to get back to that place.”