FlyPelican extended flights return flights from Canberra to Byron Bay for the next eight weeks. Three weekly services between Canberra and Byron Bay firstly launched on the 3rd of July. But now FlyPelican will operate this route until 23 of October.

Since Queensland shut off the borders to NSW and ACT, Bayron Bay stays the best option for the travelers who look for a winter break in a warm place. That’s why Byron Bay beach resorts are benefiting from guests.

Due to Australian Aviation, Byron Bay is welcoming as many flights as before the pandemic started. Regular services are also operating by Virgin Australia and Jetstar.

Then, Ballina Shire mayor David Wright was enthusiastic about the competition for flights into Byron.

“There’s a lot of people coming to be honest, and why wouldn’t they? We live in paradise,” he said.

“The land and house sales haven’t stopped … and prices are up. A vacant lot sold for $2.3 million the other day. The buyer was told the price and said ‘I’ll take it’; didn’t hesitate.”