Maybe Australians can’t travel internationally because of coronavirus, but national flag carrier found the way for Australians to travel again. Qantas and travel firm Antarctica Flights got together to offer one of the world’s most spectacular scenic flight.

The flight will be really long and there won’t be any sightseeing during the first three hours of flight. However, passengers will be able to enjoy spectacular views of floating ice on watery blue expanse below. Over the mainland, the airplane will get down to a lower altitude for better views. Heading inland, between several mountains, the aircraft makes a loop around the magnetic South Pole before heading home to Australia.

However, don’t expect cheap prices for this fun trip. The cost for the ticket starts from AUD 1,199 and for business class prices go up to AUD 7,999. During the flight, the airline will provide passengers with drinks and offers meal service. Moreover, the Antarctica flights will have expert lecturers on board. They’ll talk about the upcoming journey and then will walk through the cabin to answer questions.

Qantas will start Antarctica flights from November and will continue till February. The flights will depart from Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. The flights will be operating with Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

The extra special fact about these flights is that passengers don’t need passports. These trips will be regarded as domestic flights.